Winter Update at the American Table

Winter Cafe - CCL, Flickr: Zzmeika

It’s hard to believe I haven’t posted in a few months. Back in August, I was unexpectedly offered a visiting professorship at Macalester College while I continue my work toward finishing my dissertation. Between teaching and the dissertation, updates to the American Table have largely been on hold.

But I haven’t been far.

I’ve had several recipes on the back burner, so to speak, that I’ve just needed to write up and format. I love this blog, and even in the busiest of times, I find it remarkably relaxing – the research, the cooking, the writing, the sharing, the community. Despite the lack of posting, I’ve always been a few clicks away, keeping tabs on the digital life of the American Table. I’m thrilled that people stumble upon the site and find inspiration in it. Without any concerted effort behind advertising or publicity, the blog still gets over a hundred visitors a day. The article on ‘How Bacon and Eggs Became the American Breakfast‘ remains the most popular, but the recipe for Beef Tongue Sandwiches and the retro recipe posts like the Hot Doggities and Jell-o Pineapple in a Can are growing in popularity. The retro recipe for Ham and Banana Rolls was even featured in Australia’s DailyLife slideshow on “12 Revolting Recipes”.

With winter break on the horizon and a new plan for my spring semester schedule that includes time for the American Table, I’m eager to return. What’s in store? Several publishers have been sending along copies of fascinating new food history books, so stay tuned for reviews and give-aways! Two classic recipes from San Francisco’s Plaza Hotel provide inspiration for fancy dinner party appetizers and what to do with all that leftover holiday turkey. And as Congress returns their attention to the long-stalled Farm Bill, you can count on me to provide you with the latest updates on this critical legislation that does more to shape American foodways than any other.

So stay tuned. Follow on Facebook and Twitter for the very latest, and don’t forget that you can subscribe to updates by e-mail in the lower-left corner of any page. Thanks so much to everyone for their encouragement and continued readership! You all are amazing.

A very happy holidays from my table to yours,