Cleaning the Table: Site Update

Pile of Washing Up, Photo: Kevin Dyer, Licensed Use

As you may have noticed, I’ve been away from posting for awhile. Job transitions, working through my degree, and other such “tiny” distractions such as these have kept me pretty busy. However, I’ve never been far from the site. In fact, I’ve been doing quite a bit of tinkering under the WordPress hood, building up my recipe collection, and figuring out a more manageable approach to writing for the site.

A few new things you’ll notice:

  • The Recipe and Article pages have been re-designed to allow you to browse through previous postings with greater ease.
  • Some of the bugs that were preventing accurate searches, and a few coding issues that cropped up through recent updates in WordPress have hopefully been resolved.
  • There is content in the Store! Thanks to a partnership with, the American Table storefront features classic cookbooks, drool-inducing food histories, and those hard-to-find kitchen gadgets that’ll remind you of your Grandmother’s pantry (and whose electricity-free operations may save your life in the event of the zombie apocalypse). Again the storefront is an effort to help defray some of the expenses of running the site. Your support is greatly appreciated.
  • The American Table Etsy storefront is also in the works, and at a future date, will feature jars of your favorite spreads, condiments and preserves. Stay tuned!

So put the site on your RSS Feed, follow us on Facebook, and stay tuned for some exciting new content that explores deeper into the American stomach. Yeah… it’s tastier than it sounds. 😉