Friends of the Table

There are many friends who always have a spot at the table. A few are listed here:

  • The Butcher’s Guild: An American fraternity of butchers committed to traditional practices, local agriculture and humane slaughter. I can’t say enough about the good things this group is doing.
  • CoCo Minneapolis: The American Tables’ former “Home-Away-From-Kitchen.” They gave this blog a great start.
  • James Beard Foundation: Carrying on the important work of the Dean of American Cooking.
  • Minnesota Food Bloggers: I’m a proud member in great company – check out these great blogs!
  • Southern Foodways Alliance: If only every region of the country had it’s own organization promoting its food traditions and history. SFA is always welcome to the table.

Food blogs I follow and admire:

  • 18th C Cuisine: Carolyn Smith-Kizer tackles a remarkably challenge feat of cooking and exploring 18th century cuisine. Primarily French.
  • Food Historic Sites: A fun tumblr blog of historic food-related images.
  • Gherkins & Tomatoes: A stunning photographic memoir of Cynthia Bertelsen’s historic culinary adventures.
  • Kitchen Retro: Throwback advertising and recipes directed at foodies throughout the ages.
  • Lost Recipes Found: Just when you thought you lost that treasured recipe forever…
  • The American Menu: Henry Voight’s fascinating collection of historic American menus from restaurants and special occasions – a treasure of resources for the American food historian.
  • The Historic Foodie: Victoria Rumble is an expert on classic culinary techniques and recipes, and lectures at living history museums in the U.S. and Scotland.
  • The Old Foodie: Janet Clarkson’s remarkable republishing of long forgotten culinary tomes and snippets.