Why don’t you post more often?

At the moment, I can only afford to work on this site in my spare time. But I do post more frequently on social media – particularly on the American Table’s Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages.Check back often for new articles and recipes, follow the RSS Feed or subscribe by e-mail.

What is your policy on accepting promotional materials / freebies?

At some point in the past decade, as blogs (food and otherwise) grew in popularity, businesses and marketers started offering promotions and freebies to bloggers. For food bloggers, this sometimes means review copies of books, food samples, product trials, and invitations to food-related events. I believe I have an ethical obligation to my readers to earn your trust, and have established a policy on accepting promotions:

If a promotional item is offered and accepted, and I do choose to write about it, I will always note within the entry that I received the item as a promotion. Please note that an acceptance of a product does not guarantee a write-up or a positive review – I will always present my honest response. Also note that this is a blog that explores food traditions and history in the United States. Obviously this is a very specific subject and so the vast majority of promotions offered to more general food blogs will not apply here.

You should really write about [Fill in the Blank]. Where can I suggest this?

I’m always looking for new ideas for this site! Send your suggestions on the contact page.

Can I attend one of the American Table history dinners and recipe tastings?

Followers of the blog are certainly welcome to join the dinners and tasting I host regularly for this site. As Emily Post noted in her 1922 Etiquette, the first and most important detail of planning a dinner is the guest list, and finding “people who are congenial to one another.” I try keep these events smaller, and to invite people with a variety of complementary backgrounds and interests – the only main requisite is a love of food and a curiosity of where it came from. If you live in or are visiting the Austin, TX area and would be interested in attending a dinner or tasting, please send an e-mail to invites@americantable.org and introduce yourself! Who are you? What do you do? Why are you interested in attending? Do you have a favorite conversation starter at a dinner party? Do you have any allergies or dietary restrictions? If you are planning a visit to the cities, when will you be in town? I will respond as soon as possible, and will be happy to consider you for future invitations!

How can I contact you?

It’s great to hear from people who read this site. Leave your feedback on any of the articles in the comment fields, or share your experiences trying out the recipes in your own kitchen. Other comments, questions or inquiries can be sent on the contact page.