Recipe: Artichokes Barigoule (1879)

History of stuffed Artichokes Barigoule with a classic 19th century recipe from San Francisco's Palace Hotel.

Recipe: Tunnel of Fudge Cake (1966)

The recipe that popularized the bundt in the United States, explore the history behind the Tunnel of Fudge cake.

Top 12 Most Influential Historic American Cookbooks

The American Table's top 12 list of the most influential classic American cookbooks published before 1950.

Planning Your Memorial Day Picnic

History of Memorial Day with classic recipes and historical suggestions for how to pack your picnic basket.

Recipe: Switchel (1853)

Recipe and history for switchel, the classic American beverage also known as Haymakers' Punch, Swizzle, Harvest Beer and Swanky.
Winter Cafe - CCL, Flickr: Zzmeika

Winter Update at the American Table

A meta post catching readers up on what's been happening behind-the-scenes at The American Table.

Recipe: Scolloped Tomatoes (1838)

Mary Randolph's early American recipe for Scolloped Tomatoes with history and modern adaptation from the American Table.
Moby Dick, New Bedford Harbor

Herman Melville on Chowder – Moby Dick (1851)

Melville describes chowder in the great American novel Moby Dick.
Eggs, Source: Flickr, pietroizzo - CCL

Making History Monday: July 29, 2013

A digest of American food news from the around the web. These are the stories that are changing American foodways and impacting the way...

Retro Recipe: Ham Banana Rolls (1947)

History and recipe for this 1947 zany retro recipe of ham-wrapped bananas baked in a cheese sauce.