Victory Garden: Preparing for Spring

As I mentioned previously, I found a new home recently with a front and back yard that is perfect for gardening. This coming spring, I’ll be planting two kinds of a Victory Garden in the front yard (where I have more space), and a smaller Shaker Herb garden in the back. I’ll be documenting my experiences in planting these gardens – from planting to picking – using period gardening manuals as my guides.

I will post more information about the history and uniqueness of these two types of gardens during the winter months. Till then, I wanted to post a few pictures to show the early stages of the yard. The previous residents of the little house in Minneapolis had let the yard grow wild. Years of leaves and fallen branches covered the grass-less front ‘lawn’. Since September, I’ve been getting the ground ready for planting in the spring – clearing debris, digging up rocks and roots, and loosening the soil. After all that, it looks like the surface of the moon at the moment.

Minnesota is known for its long, cold winters and I won’t likely be able to begin planting in the ground until late-April early May. Fortunately, there’s lots to plan in the mean time.